Night At Tsim Sha Tsui @ HongKong 2012

Date Photos Taken:  20 Sep 2012 (Thurs)



16 thoughts on “Night At Tsim Sha Tsui @ HongKong 2012

    1. It really a lot of tourists in Hong Kong, especially MongKok, Kow Loon and Tsim Sha Tsui area. Basically it a tourist spot. They are so good in self promoting their business, sometime, it just a little bit over and create confusing…. 🙂

      1. I was in Japan recently and it was the same way. Everything was in Japanese and English. Even the music has English hooks. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that – just interesting.

        1. English is such an important language… Sometime I like to imagine if not UK, but France / Portugal / Spain… today, we are using non-english as international language..

  1. 香港是有很特別的城市

    1. 这个旅程去了香港和澳门,喜欢香港的食物,不过人口太多了,有时候连站都不够位子。

  2. 香港這地方真的很繁忙,居民走路的節奏也快,生活好像很匆促。

    1. 看多港剧了,对香港的印象分,和期待,充满了戏剧的泡沫。但现实往往和电影就是两个世界,只能说,亲自眼看的香港,不如戏剧里头的香港那么亲切和友善。也感觉不到他们的热情,只有现实。

    1. 看了calvin大佬那么多的旅行照,很beh tahan…

  3. Looking at these photos make me miss HK soooooo bad. Great pictures. I wish I could take photos as beautiful as these.

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