Yuu Kyi @ Chinese Full Moon

Date Photos Taken:   Jan  2012


Today is the full moon celebration (or full month) for our new family member – Yuu Kyi. A couple of photos that I took for my new model….  🙂

Some sharing on her name, where we got inspiration from Burmese Democracy politician – Aung San Suu Kyi. It a long story before we finalize her name, multiple revision and review went through among family members. Anyway, thank for the news on Myanmar, and grandpa that give us this idea.


22 thoughts on “Yuu Kyi @ Chinese Full Moon

  1. @Roberta, thank you for your comment. Yes, I keep missing her after sent her to grandma house.

    @Cassie, thank!

    @Edna, I hope I could documented her grow up story, so she won’t blame her papa not doing a good job.

    1. 我有试过用闪光灯,不过每拍完一张,她就弄一弄眼睛,感觉不舒服似的。 后来我选择用大光圈拍婴儿了。 尽量把窗口打开,家里头的灯泡和门都开了。 感觉效果比用闪灯好多了,她也比较舒服。 

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