Butterfly Farm @ Teluk Bahang Penang

Date photos taken:   10 Sep 2011  (Saturday)

My last visit to butterfly farm… I can’t recall it, should be more than 15 to 20 years ago. Not much changes from what I recall from my memory. Managed to snap very few shoot, with only a 35mm prime lens with me. Kind of challenging, but interesting, at least I learn to appreciate zoom lens.

Penang Butterfly Farm Website: http://www.butterfly-insect.com/

Post continue from Batik Factory @ Penang Botanical Garden.


GPS Location:

Thank for viewing.


23 thoughts on “Butterfly Farm @ Teluk Bahang Penang

  1. very nice shots! i’ve seen many nice photographs (including yours) taken with just 35mm prime lens, but for some reason i just can’t achieve the same effects. guess i still have a lot to learn from you. =)

    1. I think try to allocate 1 hour per week, look at other people photos may help to give you the idea of how to frame the photo and what kind of composition may attract human focus.

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