The Historic State @ Malacca 2011

Date Photos Taken:    14 May 2011  (Saturday)

Two day one night trip to Malacca for family event. A long drive from Penang to Malacca, almost 6-7 hours of journey. I had been more than 10 years never been there. The city look different now, but the historic stuff still nicely preserve.


Gate of A Famosa.  (I checked wikipedia, A Famosa mean “The Famous” in Portuguese)



Thank for visit.


12 thoughts on “The Historic State @ Malacca 2011

  1. the beauty of it in Melaka is the heritage and simplicity…the shops are still old style although their biz are good..

  2. Nice! So long never visit Melaka already, I still remember when the waitress in the chicken rice ball restaurant took our order, I pointed at the other table’s chicken rice ball and told the waitress , “I want that fishball dish.” Then the waitress replied me with serious face, “Oh! That is not fishball, that is the chicken rice ball.” Hahaha… really pai seh lor!!!

  3. Great set of photos! The use of light, contrast and tones is great! It looks like a great place to visit. I’ll have to add it to my lists of must sees. 😉

    1. Thank Marke.
      A few nice places in Malaysia that I think you may like it, especially Malacca & Penang Heritage. If you need more info, leave me a msg. 🙂

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