Follow The Experts @ Ipoh Heritage Trail

Date Photos Taken:    08 May 2011  (Sunday)

Attended the Follow The Experts 2011 – Part 2 event organized by and sponsor by Futuromic.  They only allocated 2 hours for the outing, and it really not enough time to explore all Ipoh heritage. Anyway, it make me more familiar with Ipoh Old Town (not the coffee brand, LOL).

This is the first time I did street photography….. errr…. execuse me  🙂




Thank for viewing.


14 thoughts on “Follow The Experts @ Ipoh Heritage Trail

    1. 那张比较暗的,我自己看了感觉很诡异,尤其是那红红的灯笼在这样的破屋出现,很奇怪加超不正常。
      回想起来,如果自己一个人,我因该会立刻走人。 哈哈。

  1. This set is just great! That first photo is outstanding Chorwin! The whole set is by far my most favorite work from you. You have wonderful post processing

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