Batik Factory @ Penang Botanical Garden

Date Photos Taken:   10 Sep 2011  (Saturday)

A simple day trip with two gentleman from state. We knew not everyone like heritage building, so we went for something special  –  Batik Factory. It a de-tour after Botanical Garden. Click link here for more information about that batik boutique / factory. Fyi, the price is…. ehh…. read traveler review from

All photos in black & white style, hope you like it.

Note: This is the first post after updated to Nishita wordpress theme. Now the photos width size is larger than 1000 pixels!


#2   The pro of Batik in progress stamping.

#3   After stamping, it need go through coloring process.

More photos after link


#5   National flower – hibiscus rosa sinensis




#9  –   Japanese Fish Flags made from Batik.

#10   Dan telling joke to the sale promoter. I guess he was telling joke about wild monkey!

#11   Seriously look for souvenir after the joke session.

The End. Thank you.

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